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Our Location

3291 N Saint Johns Lane

Ellicott City, MD 21042-2657


What to Expect When You Visit Our Church

First, let me say, we can’t wait for you to visit! Ellicott City Church has the privilege of welcoming first-time guests every Sabbath. We trust that you will find the people of our church to be friendly and genuinely glad that you found your way to us. In addition, we have friendly greeters and guest services volunteers ready to help you feel welcome and comfortable.

What Should I Wear?

One of the most often asked questions from people who are new to church is, “What should I wear?” When you make your way to our church this week, you will find that our dress includes everything from suits and dresses to business casual to jeans. Please don’t worry about what you are wearing, because it will not matter to us.

Where Are We Located?

Our church is located in Ellicott City at 3291 St Johns Lane. To see a map and directions, click here.

What Time is our Service?

Our main service starts at 11:00 am on Saturday mornings. We also have Bible Study classes from 9:30am to 10:45am every Saturday morning.

How Long Do the Services Last?

Our service lasts about 80 minutes.

What is the Style of Worship?

Our worship style can be described as a blend of traditional and modern. Our worship will include some contemporary music as well as some classic hymns. A mixed worship style helps make our worship service enjoyable for all.