About the Community Garden

“Way back in the beginning, when God made this world, He gave humans the task of gardening. Perhaps God knew the benefits of gardening would help us cope with the difficulties of life and give us benefits far more than vegetables for food. The intangible rewards of gardening can feed our souls.” 1

The ECC Community Organic Garden was established in 2021. “Our God cared for the land throughout the season. We thank Him for sending the rain to water our crops and for restraining the garden pests. Our abundant harvest of tomatoes, eggplants, red spinach, squash, lettuce, bell peppers, and more immediately reminds us of our loving God.”2

 We hope you will garden or volunteer with us this year!

I’d like to rent a garden plot

Here’s what you get:

  • 10ft x 10ft garden plot inside a fenced common area
  • Water provided from our 750-gallon array of storage tanks
  • A few basic gardening tools for shared use (you will also need some of your own)
  • Access to a community of experienced gardeners who can give you lots of gardening tips

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Please carefully read all the rules and regulations.
  • Agree to provide at least 8 volunteer hours this year to help maintain the fenced garden area.
  • Submit your application for a garden plot by 2/29/2024.
  • After we confirm plot availability with you, pay the $25 annual plot rental fee (check payable to Ellicott City Seventh-day Adventist Church)

I’d like to volunteer

We need your help in maintaining the community garden! We need to keep an attractive garden that is free of animal pests and weeds. We often need to make minor fencing repairs, eliminate weeds, prepare garden beds for use, refill water tanks, or perform other maintenance tasks. Please consider supporting us. You can sign up to volunteer here.

Gardening resources

[1] Maxine Charles: Ellicott City Seventh-day Adventist Church Newsletter – Vol 3, No. 5 page 4

[2] Judith Fitch: Ellicott City Seventh-day Adventist Church Newsletter – Vol 2, No. 11 page 2