Please join us to learn Simple Lifestyle Changes to Improve Health with Dr. Emerson

David Emerson, M.D., Internist, Lifestyle Director, International Speaker on Lifestyle diseases, and Certified Bredeson Alzheimer Reversal Physician completed his medical residency at Kettering Medical Center where upon he became board certified. His travels have taken him to Africa, China, Guam, South America, and throughout the USA. He is the father of 2 young adults, and is married to his wife Oleta, a 13-year cancer survivor. Currently he has a private practice doing medical lifestyle consultations and serves as the Medical Director for a lifestyle center that will be offering Cancer Support Sessions starting July 2021. His passion is to watch people reclaim their health by implementing simple lifestyle changes.

The lectures include:

Diabetes: Real Cause, Simple Solution Thursday, June 24, 7 PM via Zoom

Discover how a physician was able to cause type II diabetes in only two days in healthy medical students (hint: loads of sugar didn’t do it). By changing, your diet, you can avoid diabetes and even reverse it.

Lower High Blood Pressure Friday, June 25, 7 PM via Zoom

Why salt is not the real problem. Understand the real cause of hypertension based on the work of the late Dr. Guyton, a world-renowned physiologist who gave us the concepts of cardiac output and peripheral resistance. Learn how to prevent and reverse essential hypertension.

The Power to Follow Through Sat., June 26, 11 AM Live/Streamed

Do you make New Year’s resolutions that start out great but then fizzles out in a few short weeks? Do you struggle to continue to pursue healthy choices throughout the year? Is it difficult to stick with your decision and reach set goals? So how can we stick with the choices we make to reach our goals? Is it truly possible? Can resolutions be kept, and goals accomplished? Come learn how to find the power that will boost your ability and enable you to follow through with healthy choices and decisions.

Get Thin! Stay Thin! Sat., June 26, 1:30 PM Studio recording (for later viewing)

Melt away those pounds. Why low-calorie diets do not work, and why exercise is not the final solution. Meet a population that gets no more exercise than the average American and eats 30% MORE calories yet weighs 20% LESS! To avoid obesity, do what they do.

Make plans to attend. More information with the Zoom link will be sent soon.


ECC Health Ministries Team